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Polar Bear Pictures

Polar bears are the largest Land carnivores in the world, rivalled only by the Kodiak brown bears of south-western Alaska. Polar bears are placed at the top of the food chain in the biological rich arctic. The most of the polar bears and bear species feed primarily on the fat of ice-dependent seals. The remain… Read More »

Lion HD Images, Pictures

The is a species in the family Felidae. Lions having strong, compact bodies and powerful forelegs, teeth, and jaws for pulling down and killing prey. Their coats are yellow-gold and adult’s male having it is a muscular, deep-chested cat with a short rounded head, reduced neck and round ears, and a hairy tuft at the… Read More »

Cheetah HD Images, Pictures

Cheetah is the fastest animal in the land. Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world and history also. Cheetah can reach speeds of 112 km/h ( 70 mph) n short bursts. while hunting the cheetah’s average speed is 40 km/h (mph), Cheetahs common name is a cheetah and the scientific name is Acinonyx Jubatus… Read More »